Imran raises question on Indian government
Imran raises question on Indian government

Islamabad; Pakistan's PM Imran Khan has recently given a statement that although his interview was not different from the news of the world given earlier. Just like before, this time too, in this interview, he has patted himself on the back and has also incurred unrestrained charges on India, where in total his interview was about the absurd and false allegations made against India and PM Modi's government- He wandered around. He has given this interview at a time when India has made public its intention to invite an invitation to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting.

Many issues: According to information received from sources, both these leaders of India and Pakistan have not met even once. Ever since Imran Khan became the PM, there have been many such incidents, including the Pulwama attack, which India has raised on the international stage. On the other hand, if we talk about Pakistan, earlier where it tried to internationalize the Kashmir issue, now it has also implemented the citizenship amendment law applicable in India. At the same time, his other ministers including Imran Khan have also been making rhetoric against India. For your information, let us tell you that in the interview he has given to DW, how Imran has patted himself on the back and has made false accusations on India. His interview was taken by the Chief Editor of DW.

Accusations on the RSS: It is also being said that in this interview, Imran has described the government of PM Modi at the center as an extremist and Hindutva ideology. He also pointed fingers at the RSS in this and said that this organization is inspired by Nazi thinking and its founders believed in racial supremacy. He did not stop to say even in his interview that the RSS had killed Mahatma Gandhi.

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