In Pakistan, thieves stole Jinnah's glasses but didn't spare his 'Quaid-e-Azam'

Islamabad: Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who divided India at the time of independence and made Pakistan, is now a target of thieves. In fact, a lens glass installed in Jinnah's statue in Pakistan facing Kangali's condition has been stolen by thieves. The statue has been installed in the Vehari area in Pakistan's Punjab province. With the help of lensed glasses, Jinnah used to study for life.

The glasses that were stolen were reportedly a copy of their real glasses. The area where the statue has been erected has houses of senior officers and security arrangements remain tight. Jinnah has a lot of pictures in which he is seen wearing a lens edifice. The statue of Jinnah is based on a picture of a speech made in the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. In the same speech, Jinnah spoke of empowering minorities.

According to reports, on weekend nights, thieves stole Jinnah's glasses from the statue. However, it was believed that the thieves did not break the idol, as has happened in other parts of the country. The authorities launched a hunt for the thief after receiving information about the theft on Sunday. The footage of CCTV cameras were being checked. A few days ago thieves stole a hockey and a ball from the statue of Olympian Samiullah.

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