Man's hand chopped off for having a tattoo of 786 on his hand

Saharanpur: The case that has come up from Panipat in Haryana has surprised everyone. After knowing this matter, people's senses flew away. The brother of a young man named Iram Salmani has received a severe sentence for having a tattoo of  786 on his hand. Iram Salmani has claimed that his brother's hand was cut off because he had a tattoo of 786 written on his hands. However, you may know that many people who believe in Islam consider 786 as an auspicious number. This issue is meant to be Bismillah-Ur Rahman-e- Rahim.

In this case, local police say there is no angle of communal violence behind it. In the case, the police said, "The man named Ikhlak was accused of sexual assault. In the meantime, his hand was cut off in an escape affair. "Our house is in Nanaut, 33 km away from Saharanpur," says Iram. He said "My brother was going to Panipat in search of work. He had no place to live. So he decided to spend the night in a park. After knowing his name some people didn't allow him to sleep in the park. These two beat up my brother". Iram further said that his brother fainted after he was beaten in the park. He later went to a nearby house in search of water. Incidentally, there were two people in the house who had beaten him in the park a little while ago". 

In addition, Iram also said, "They pulled him inside the house and beaten him badly. There were a total of 6 people in the house, including two women. He was beaten with lathis and attacked with stones on his head. His head began to bleed, but no one was ready to listen. The people there saw a tattoo of 786 on my brother's hand and asked to cut the hands. Then, by cutting hands, all of them threw my brother near the Kishapura Railway Gate. They thought that he had died. Later in the morning, when he came to senses, the family and some people shifted him to the hospital". Now, in this case, the police have claimed that his brother's hand was cut off after falling from the train. Iram said, "I want justice for my brother. The police is not properly investigating the matter under the pressure of the state government. The police is saying that my brother's hand was cut off by train. They are hiding the real facts to make it look like an accident". 

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