PM Modi Asserts '400-Plus' Seats Achievable, Not Just Rhetoric
PM Modi Asserts '400-Plus' Seats Achievable, Not Just Rhetoric

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence on Monday that the '400-plus' mark in the ongoing elections is not just a slogan but a tangible possibility. "I am not the focal point of the elections, but the 1.4 billion people are. Looking at the first three phases, it's evident that '400-plus' is not just a slogan," he remarked.

Amid the fourth phase of polling spanning 96 constituencies across 10 states and Union Territories, PM Modi highlighted the active participation of various segments of voters. "Our voters include women, first-time voters, and farmers, who show remarkable enthusiasm during elections," he added.

Responding to opposition claims that his government won't surpass the 400-seat mark, PM Modi recalled the victories of 2014 and 2019, asserting that this time too, surpassing 400 seats is feasible.

He took aim at the Congress, pointing out instances like Sonia Gandhi's Rajya Sabha tenure and Rahul Gandhi's avoidance of Amethi. "Their top leader went to the Rajya Sabha. If Rahul Gandhi contests from a second seat (in Raebareli), he would flee from Wayanad. They lack the courage to contest in Amethi. Everything I've said has come true," he remarked.

Accusing the opposition of self-serving interests, PM Modi emphasized their disregard for national welfare. "They prioritize their family over serving the nation," he criticized.

Addressing concerns about potential changes to the Constitution if BJP secures a third term, PM Modi dismissed such speculations as baseless. "Opposition spreads lies about BJP intending to alter the Constitution. The notion of winning seats to amend the Constitution is flawed," he clarified.

Further lambasting the opposition, PM Modi drew comparisons with historical inflation rates. "The highest inflation rate was during Indira Gandhi's tenure. Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, and Indira Gandhi, in their speeches from the Red Fort, likened our inflation rate to North Korea's," he stated.

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