PM Modi attends 42nd Convocation of Anna University Chennai
PM Modi attends 42nd Convocation of Anna University Chennai

CHENNAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today congratulated students graduating at Anna University's 42nd convocation, saying that the entire world is looking to India's youth with hope since they are the country's and the globe's economic engines.

"The whole world s hopeful about India's youth." Because you are the country's growth engine, and India is the world's growth engine. "This is a big honour and duty for all of you," Prime Minister remarked while speaking at Anna University's 42nd Convocation in Chennai. You would have already imagined a future for yourself. Therefore, today is not only a day of achievements but also of aspirations," the PM added.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the parents of all those graduating today, saying that their sacrifices and perseverance were critical to their children's success. "I believe in the younger generation, in the new generation." "They (youths) will work out all difficulties like lions," Swami Vivekanand stated, "as the entire world looks to India's youth now." He went on to say that Bharat Ratna Abdul Kalam is a source of pride for everyone at Anna University.

"We are graduating at a historic juncture. Some will call it an uncertain period, but I will call it an exciting moment. Every country was put to the test by the global pandemic. Adversity reveals our true character. India tackled the uncertainty with confidence, thanks to its scientists, healthcare workers, and ordinary citizens. Due to this India is at the forefront. Our industry is in the forefront," said the PM.

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