Police swung into action, encountered rapist openly on the road
Police swung into action, encountered rapist openly on the road

GUWAHATI: A very frightening case is coming to light from the state of Assam. In this incident, a man who Committed rape got encountered by the police. The police tried to catch the rape offender and the criminal opened fire, in response to which the police also retaliated. Although in this encounter, the police have killed the rape criminal, the person has died due to police firing. In the incident, two women police personnel were also injured by the bullet of the criminal.

The complete and detailed information has not yet come out from the administration in the case, but according to sources, the police launched a drive to nab the culprit as soon as the news of the case was received, due to which the criminal fired at the police to save himself. The culprit who committed the rape may have been killed, but two women policemen were also injured in the encounter.

Earlier in December 2019, Telangana police had killed four persons in an encounter in connection with the rape and murder of a woman veterinarian in Hyderabad. According to the police in the case of Hyderabad, there was an encounter between the criminal and the police, in which all four persons died. According to the police, while being taken to the spot, the criminals tried to flee and due to this, the police had to retaliate and open fire on them.

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