Pragganandha won even in the defeat in Reckewek International Chess"
Pragganandha won even in the defeat in Reckewek International Chess

The final round of the 35th Rakeweek International Grand Master Chess Tournament was played between two talented Grand Masters of India, R Pragganandha and D Gukesh, in which Praggnanandha not only won the almost lost game but also won the tournament title. Gukesh, playing with white pieces, has gained a pawn's lead over Pragganandha from the beginning in the exchange variation against the Nimjo Indian Defense, in return he had to pay special attention to the safety of the king,

In the 28th move of the game, Gukesh has gained the lead of another pawn and it seems that he is on his way to victory, but with only a few seconds left in his clock, Pragganandha has attacked the king of Gukesh. And defending his king, Gukesh made two successive mistakes in the 36th and 37th moves of the game with the moves of the wazir and the elephant and lost the match in an unexpected way.

With this victory, Pragganandha became the winner by scoring 7.5 points, while Gukesh has come on 6 points and remains in 17th place. On the basis of a better tie-break on 7 points, Max Vermerdam of Netherlands finished second, Mauds Undersson of Denmark third, Stan Grettersson of Iceland fourth and Abhimanyu Mishra of USA at fifth place. On the basis of a better tie-break at 6.5 points, Brazil's Alexander Fair is at 6th, USA's Hans Moke is 7th, India's Abhijit Gupta is 8th, Ukraine's Larkin Vladislav is at 9th and Denmark's Korle Casa is 10th. India's Taniya Sachdev finished 21st overall with 6 points and first place among women.

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