Principal accused of molesting second class student, suspended

Feb 21 2020 02:40 PM
Principal accused of molesting second class student, suspended

The case that has come up recently is from Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. In this case, the case of molesting a student of class two on a school headmaster of a police station area. The police is investigating after registering a case. According to the information received in this case, on the instruction of the Minister of Education, BSA Suryakant Tripathi has suspended the accused teacher and constituted a two-member inquiry committee.

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The accused teacher has described the allegations as baseless and said that "because of political mobilization, the teacher is being implicated in a false trial". According to the complaint in this case, on Wednesday, children of classes three, four and five went home early due to the learning out cum test, while children of one and two stayed. Meanwhile, a teacher started molesting a student on the pretext of giving toffee. '

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According to the information received further, 'The teacher ran away from school after the children made noise and when the matter reached the family, they complained about dial 112. Then I reached the police station and filed a report. This case cannot be called the first such case, but before that, there have been many such cases that have surprised.

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