Rajasthan government is going to start this scheme to give respect to cow
Rajasthan government is going to start this scheme to give respect to cow

The Gehlot government will establish a dairy of indigenous bovine in the state. For this, the government has run the Kamdhenu scheme. Under this scheme, unemployed youth and farmers will be provided employment. In this scheme, 90 percent loan will be given by the government to the youth and farmers and if the beneficiary returns it within the stipulated time, then he will be given 30 percent subsidy.

For your information, let us tell you that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has instructed all the district collectors that more and more people should be connected to this scheme, for this, government employees in rural areas should be informed about its benefits. The state's Gopalan Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya said that under this scheme, any milkman can start dairy work of indigenous cow dynasty. In this dairy, up to 30 cows of the same breed with better milk capacity can be kept. In this, an acre of land is necessary for the beneficiaries to have enough land to grow green fodder and to keep cow cattle outside the urban limits. Those who want the benefits of this scheme, three years of experience is necessary. According to the information, the government will also arrange to sell the cow milk in the state. Small level chilling plant will also be made available to dairy farmers, so that their milk is not spoiled. The purpose of this scheme is to protect the cow dynasty and also to provide easy employment to the people.

Apart from this, the historical forts, palaces and museums of Rajasthan, which had been lost for two and a half months due to the lockdown in the Corona epidemic, are now beginning to buzz. In just two days after the announcement of Unlock-1, more than 1400 people reached the tourist places of Rajasthan. It is considered a very good start to bring tourism industry in Rajasthan back on track. The same, tourism is one of the largest industries in Rajasthan. It contributes significantly to the economy of more than half the districts of Rajasthan including the state capital Jaipur. All the historical monuments, forts, palaces and other tourist places here were closed due to the Corona lockdown. This is the reason why the tourism industry has suffered a great loss here. Thousands of guides, handicrafts makers and hotels, restaurant operators, etc., from the Amar Mahal elephant elephants to boaters in Udaipur's lakes, were all affected. Now after Unlock-1, the smile seen on the faces of thousands of people associated with this initiative is seen on the tourist spots.

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