Rajnath Singh's virtual rally, said this important thing from Jammu and Kashmir
Rajnath Singh's virtual rally, said this important thing from Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar: Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday (June 14) addressed a 'Jammu and Kashmir Massism Rally' through video conferencing. During this time, Rajnath Singh said that there used to be agitations in Kashmir before making Kashmir independence an issue. In those movements, instead of the flag of Kashmir, the flags of Pakistan and ISIS were seen. But now if anyone is seen on Kashmir soil, then that is the victorious world tricolor, our flag should be high.

Rajnath Singh said that when the question of Jammu and Kashmir and Article 370 were raised in international forums, most countries stood with Pakistan. In the international world, PM Narendra Modi has raised the country's reputation so much that we are now getting the support of Muslim countries along with other countries. At the same time, the Defense Minister said that after the crisis of Corona, the virtual rally has been started by the BJP to communicate with the workers of the country and with the people of the country.

Many strong countries of the world have collapsed due to the corona epidemic. In India, PM Modi accepted the Corona crisis as a challenge and took many big and important decisions. BJP is the name to overcome challenges. In 1984, when we had got only 2 seats, political analysts started saying that the BJP would end, but we moved on from there.

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