Rapid Police Rescue: Hyderabad Infant Kidnapping Case Resolved
Rapid Police Rescue: Hyderabad Infant Kidnapping Case Resolved

Hyderabad: In a rapid response operation, law enforcement authorities in Hyderabad successfully rescued a nine-month-old baby who was allegedly kidnapped by their domestic helper. The incident occurred in the Madannapet area of Hyderabad around 8 pm on Saturday. Despite the distressing circumstances, the police managed to locate the infant safe and unharmed in Zaheerabad, a city in Telangana, after a thorough investigation.

During the initial stages of the investigation, the police meticulously analyzed CCTV footage, which proved instrumental in identifying the suspect, Sahnaz Khan. Khan, who was employed as a domestic helper in the household of the abducted child, was captured on camera carrying the baby in one of the video clips.

The investigation further uncovered that Khan had boarded a bus destined for Zaheerabad. Prompt action was taken by the authorities, who swiftly alerted their counterparts in Zaheerabad, ensuring a coordinated effort to intercept the suspect and rescue the baby.

Subsequently, Shahnaz Khan was apprehended by law enforcement officials upon the arrival of the bus in Zaheerabad. The baby was safely recovered and reunited with their family, bringing a swift resolution to the distressing ordeal.

Remarkably, it was revealed that Shahnaz Khan had only recently started working in the household where the abduction took place, adding a layer of concern and intrigue to the incident.

The successful rescue operation stands as a testament to the swift and efficient response of the law enforcement agencies involved, highlighting their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, especially the most vulnerable members like infants.

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