Revamping Employee Data: Maharashtra Govt's Modernization Directive
Revamping Employee Data: Maharashtra Govt's Modernization Directive

MUMBAI: In a stride towards modernization, the Maharashtra Government has initiated an extensive update of its state employee database. The objective behind this directive is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the workforce within each department and office under the government's umbrella.

In a strategic move, the Planning Department has issued an official order that outlines the need for precise details to be collected. These details encompass various aspects such as gender, caste, religion, any physical disabilities, along with important dates like the joining and retirement dates, as well as birthdates. Additionally, bank account information of employees is also part of the requisition.

To streamline this process, each department will receive dedicated login credentials. These credentials will facilitate a systematic and organized update of employee information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

The initial batch of information certificates is expected to be uploaded between the first of September and the thirtieth of November in the current year. Subsequent to this, any necessary updates or corrections to the submitted data must be finalized between the first of December and the twenty-eighth of February in the year 2024, as outlined in the government's directive.

To underscore the importance of this initiative, the Finance and Planning Department has made it clear that failure to provide the mandated information within the stipulated timeframe will have consequences. Specifically, the clearance of salaries and other payments to departments will be contingent upon the timely submission of accurate information. Concurrently, on the same day, the State Government entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tata Power. This MoU paves the way for collaboration on the development of 2800 MW Pumped Hydro Storage Projects in the state of Maharashtra.

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