Russian tourist stalked, slapped by a biker in Goa

May 22 2019 12:09 PM
Russian tourist stalked, slapped by a biker in Goa

A Russian woman tourist was stalked and slapped by an unidentified biker in the Arpora village in Goa after she refused his offer for a lift. The tourist has alleged that the police have “done nothing” since she lodged a complaint leaving her frustrated and her attacker on the loose. “They didn’t even ask me about video pictures or the whole story or anything. They didn’t need it. It has been five days,” she said.

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“I’m doing what I can and asking help from local people, people who are around me and my friends and they are helping me more than the police, but it shouldn’t be like this because Goa is a tourist place. How can the police be so irresponsible in tourist place?” she asked.

While talking to the Hindustan Times, the Russian tourist on Tuesday said she was followed by a biker in a white T-shirt and dark blue jeans who offered to drop her home at around noon on May 15 as she was walking home after visiting an ATM at Arpora village.

“He was following me and stopping every five-ten meters and asking me can I sit on his bike, can he drop me home. So I was saying ‘No, no thank you’ and I was just ignoring him. He was always looking around to see that no one is around,” she said.

“Then he stopped in front of me and he asked me, ‘Can I drop you? I said: ‘Why are you following me? I don’t need anyone to follow me because I live right here and I can walk alone,” she further said.

She said instead of leaving, he went straight in front and took a u-turn and drove towards her. “He went just next to me and slapped me badly,” the tourist recounted.

However, Anjuna Police said they are verifying the tourist’s claims. “As per my knowledge there has not been any complaint of this nature registered with our police station but I will still verify this matter,” Anjuna Police inspector Navlesh Dessai said.

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