Samrat Gaur - A unique internet sensation

Samrat Gaur commonly known as Samrat Bhai currently works as a youtuber. His age remains unknown. While initially he was into content roasting with time he started taking about education. From a roaster he has now become a youtube educator and influencer. 

He has also received a lot of hate comments as public openly criticize his opinions. This happens since some of his opinions aren't in the favour of the public. However he is strongwilled and stands up for what he believes is right. Samrat goes by the ground reality and facts and even hates comments doesn't change his opinion. Samrat now has this objective of showing the right path to today's youth.He is making more educational video rather tha roasting content ones. Due to several toxic notions popping in the environment such awareness creating videos are surely the need of the hour.

The message Samrat wants to convey to people is very simple.He wants everybody to be a little extra literate while using the internet. He is exceptionally talented as well.He is a good speaker  and he is confident about being able to keep himself balanced in any situation. He has the capability to influence people positively. He has achieved a great fan base.He has around 700k+ followers on OTT platforms. His goals in life are very simple.He is quite satisfied with what he has. He aims to create awareness and bring in a change among the Indian audience on issues regarding politics and other sensitive topics prevailing. 

Samrat finds his personality as an add on to his career as an youtuber. Bring an extrovert he finds it easy to make friends and connect to people.Being an opinionated person who does not shy away from voicing, Samrat wants to use this skill of his to bring a change in the country and wants to encourage the Youths to voice out. He surely is one of those rare social media influencers who has confidently voiced out his opinion without worrying about the consequences. Being extremely simple and trusting his believes has made taken him great heights.

by Sahithya S

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