CM Shivraj calls himself temporary, says 'will get permanent if you vote'
CM Shivraj calls himself temporary, says 'will get permanent if you vote'

Bhopal: CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan went to Sitamau in support of BJP candidate Hardeepsingh Dung from Suwasra seat on Sunday afternoon. There he called himself the Temperari CM and said, "Only after the victory of Dung will make me permanent and will implement all the people friendly schemes". He gave a speech for about an hour during this and addressed the Congress government and former CM Kamal Nath while addressing the public standing there. During that time he said, 'The state's economy has been affected due to Corona epidemic at this time. Even during this period, necessary work will not be allowed to stop.

In his speech, CM announced the acceptance of Kayampur Sitamau Irrigation Scheme and Hydra Karnali Dam. He said, 'I am a public servant. Kamal Nath continued to run the government sitting in air-conditioned rooms. You must have seen in a quarter of a year that there is a difference between government and government. They even ate crop insurance premiums. Within 8 days of becoming the Chief Minister, I deposited the premium of 2018 and deposited 3100 crore rupees in the account of the farmers. Now again, 4600 crore rupees have been deposited in the account of farmers by depositing premium. There is pain for the farmers in our heart, but we are the Temperari CM. Permanente will be only after winning the by-election. To prove it, go to the neighboring Barod tehsil and tell the people and win the BJP.

All these things were said by CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan in the program of inauguration of a high level bridge at a cost of Rs 704.09 lakh on the Kalisindh river under the Mahidpur section, on the Kalisindh river from 79 crore to newly built barrage and Sipavara, Sagwali road.

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