Bribery under the guise of corona, singer shared video

Apr 08 2021 11:13 AM
Bribery under the guise of corona, singer shared video

Maharashtra: The havoc of corona is increasing day by day in Maharashtra. In such a situation, the government has now become stricter. So far, the government has also imposed a number of restrictions. Amidst all this, bribery has also started under the guise of corona in the capital Mumbai. In fact, bribes have been demanded to protect them from quarantine at a hotel in Mumbai's Andheri area. The victim's sister has said in the case. In fact, a man coming to India from South Africa clearly went to a large hotel that "If want to avoid quarantine, then give ten thousand or get quarantined."



The case is now under investigation at the MIDC police station in Andheri. The woman who made the allegations in the case is said to be a singer. The woman shared her video on social media. According to reports, the woman's name is PU Udasi. You can see PU in his video that her brother came to Mumbai from South Africa. At the same time, she said that he showed the negative report of the corona test just hours before coming to Mumbai and that negative report was also shown at two places. One is from South Africa and the other is a negative report conducted in Dubai.

Despite all this, he was taken to a hotel in Andheri East and his passport was kept and asked to be quarantined. At the same time, he was told that if he wanted to avoid being quarantined, he should pay Rs. 10,000 and go home. The MIDC hotel falls within the Sadar area of the police station and now the police of the MIDC police station is investigating the case.

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