Administration in action! FIR will be registered in any manipulation of number plate or silencer

Indore: Police have come into action over traffic rules in Indore city of MP. If any error in the number plate or attempt is made to change the sound of the silencer, not only the car owner and the driver but also the shopkeeper who did so will be booked. The Indore Police Commissioner has issued an order in this regard and made his intention clear.

The police commissioner Harinarayanachari Mishra said that if anyone tampers with the number plate, the number plate maker will also be booked. The commissioner says people write numbers strangely on trains. Due to this, the police are not able to read these number plates at the intersections and the police personnel suffer. Due to this, the shopkeepers who make the number plates have been strictly warned to follow the guidelines issued by the transport department and make the number plates.

The order has to be strictly followed:-
Traffic policemen in plain uniform will visit these shops to get the shopkeepers to comply with the order. A case will be registered for violation of the Motor Vehicles Act if negligence is seen. Shopkeepers, garage operators have also been instructed not to install modified silencers or high sound silencers on motorcycles.

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