Suddenly Brajesh Pathak raided the hospital, created a stir"
Suddenly Brajesh Pathak raided the hospital, created a stir

Lucknow: UP Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak raided Balrampur Hospital. He reached Balrampur hospital without any information or protocol. Due to this, Pathak met the patients and attendants present in the hospital and inquired about their condition. Suddenly, seeing the Deputy Chief Minister, there was a stir among the doctors. He was reprimanded for finding filth in the hospital. Because of this, he inspected everything from the registration room to the emergency room.

Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak keeps on conducting surprise inspections of hospitals. Earlier, he was on a tour of Banda on Tuesday, March 28. Here, along with closely inspecting the Banda District Hospital, he had to inquire about the well-being of the patients. Along with this, orders were given to the department to rectify some deficiencies. However, the doctors, along with the departmental officers, flouted the orders given by them. The doctors at Banda District Hospital did not accept his order, even for 24 hours. On Tuesday night, the doctor on duty prescribed medicines worth Rs 500 to be brought from outside before treating the patient. Thereafter, he was admitted and treated.

At present, seeing the progress of the matter, the CMS has ordered an inquiry. He says that because the doctor posted on duty has prescribed medicines from outside, strict action will be taken after an investigation. They have tarnished the image of the hospital; strict action will be taken. If they still do not agree, their service will be terminated.

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