Telengana Schools to get only 5 days holidays for Dussehra

HYDERABAD: In order to make up for the holidays declared for schools owing to the heavy rains and other events, the school education department on Tuesday requested schools to work on second Saturdays and cut the Dussehra holidays by five days.

According to a Tuesday circular sent to the director of school education by the director of the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), holidays have been declared for the schools for six days from July 11 to July 16 and on September 17 in honour of National Integration Day.

Consequently, seven working days were lost. The number of working days for the academic year was 230, according to the 2022–23 academic calendar. The Dasara holidays will be from October 1 to 9, adding five extra working days to make up five of the lost days.

In addition, the Department is mandated by the circular to instruct schools to open on second Saturdays for five months, from November 2022 to April 2023, in order to make up for other days.

Dussehra 2022 Date: The most auspicious hindu festival Dussehra 2022 will be celebrated on October 5, 2022. Dussehra is otherwise known as Vijayadashami 2022. Shardiya Navratri is starting from 26th September 2022.

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