The female anchor made a surprising disclosure about pregnancy, told what caused the pregnancy?

A woman has become a mother. But their claim of being pregnant is shocking. The woman has claimed that she became pregnant only after she started eating veg. He made the claim on the run of a television show. The woman is a news anchor by profession. According to a report, the woman news anchor has been named Alex Jones. She had returned to the evening show of BBC 1 after the maternity break. Alex Jones made a strange argument about his pregnancy because of the show.

At the same time, she said, "She has now become a complete Vegetarian (vegetarian). That is why she became pregnant. He was accompanied by actor Ralph Little at the studio when he said this. After that, the other guests present on the show also started laughing. In front of the Ralph Little, Alex admitted that he had now become vegan. Because of this, he also admitted on the show that it is not that easy to be a Vegan vegan. As much as they thought. It is very difficult.

In fact, on the run of the show, Ralph Little jokingly told Alex, "If anyone has to ask if he is a vegetarian or not?" So he (the vegetarian) will reveal within just three seconds that he is a vegetarian. It was then that Alex said, 'I became pregnant only after I started eating veg'. Ralph Little was surprised and said, "I don't think it can happen, but I am not even a scientist." However, the audience at the show laughed a lot when they heard Alex say this.

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