The husband who was troubled by his wife's thyroid disease took this step

Jun 05 2019 03:43 PM
The husband who was troubled by his wife's thyroid disease took this step

Nowadays the cases of crime have caught the thrust and one case after another is coming up. The recent case that has come up is that of Bengaluru in Karnataka, where there has been domestic violence. Police have arrested a man for allegedly beating his wife, as per the reports in the case.

As reported by Bangalore Mirror, 42-year-old Sangeeta had been treating with thyroid for the past six months and the 52-year-old husband of the electrician woman by profession was harassing her when the disease was diagnosed. As per the information found in the case last week, the man had badly beaten the woman, hit her head on the wall and then pushed down the stairs from the first floor.

While falling down, the woman fainted and then the woman's son, along with his friends, got her admitted to the hospital where she was undergoing treatment. The accused husband also twisted the wife's hand and molested her with a plastic pipe, according to police in the case There are also reports that the woman was undergoing early thyroid treatment.

In the case, police said the woman's younger son had brought her to the hospital in a state of faintness with the help of her friends, and the case came into the limelight as it was a medico-legal case and was reported to the police by the hospital management. In this case, the investigation continues.

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