The Indo-China border dispute to be settled with a mutual consent
The Indo-China border dispute to be settled with a mutual consent

In order to determine the condition and direction of future relations between India and China, China's Ambassador has given a four-point formula in which the first is a comprehensive agreement on friendship and cooperation. 

The second suggestion is to start negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement. It is therefore important that the war between business and business is happening in China and the US. The idea of China and India is similar in this regard. Although Chinese ambassadors know that India has many such doubts about it. So he said that China is constantly trying to increase imports from India.   

India and China are working on the goal of $ 100 billion bilateral trade by 2022. He said without mentioning the US that due to the big powers trying to suppress the developing countries, there are possibilities of greater cooperation between India and China. 

The third suggestion by the Chinese ambassador is that there is a shared campaign on connectivity projects. In this context, he told that both countries can start such a program in Afghanistan. It started by jointly training Afghan government officials. Their fourth suggestion is that the boundary dispute will be expeditious and it is through special representatives. It is a charter that negotiations are going on between India and China to settle the border dispute through special representatives. 

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