The young man looked at the woman and start to do Musterbate then what happened that would be shocked to hear

Jun 18 2019 07:44 PM
The young man looked at the woman and start to do Musterbate then what happened that would be shocked to hear

Nowadays, cases of rising crime are shocking to all and there is no way to help. A crime case has come to light from Gurgaon where a very shameful incident took place on Friday with a woman at the Huda City Centre Metro station. Yes, according to reports, the woman was chased first by someone and then started masterbating and after landing from the Yellow Line metro, the woman was heading towards the exit gate when she used the accelerator to go upstairs. This area of the Metro is considered to be very safe as it is in the jd of CCTV cameras from all sides. While CCTV surveillance makes passengers consider the place to be very safe, the woman felt chased when she was using the accelerator. The 29-year-old woman said: "By Monday afternoon, the police did not take any action. Even after the CCTV footage was present, the police showed no activism," he said.

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"In these two days, I thought i'd be in Gurgaon or leave the city, but then I decided it was the right choice to speak about what happened to me," the woman said of the incident on Friday night. "Friday night was close to 9.25. A lot more people were present on the escalator, but I turned back. There was a stranger standing and staring at me. She began to masterbat me," the woman said, "I questioned her directly and made a slap receipt to her." Referring to the incident. "When I received a slap receipt to the man, he started abusing me. I even started shouting to draw the attention of the surrounding passengers, but no one came for help," he said.

The woman said that after mentioning the incident on Twitter, the police came into action and the identity of the accused was made to me through CCTV. The Gurgaon police are still in touch with the woman in this case. "I am not going to retreat anymore because it is an issue of women's safety. I will try my best to file a case and take it forward. At the time, I am concerned about my own safety," he said.

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