There will be no shortage of water in Bisalpur, taken these measures
There will be no shortage of water in Bisalpur, taken these measures

Jaipur: With the knock of summer, a big problem takes the birth of water shortage. This time the residents of Jaipur will get the benefit of having sufficient water in Bisalpur. The Department of Water has already started work in those areas to supply water to the outskirts of the city, the same water line has not yet been laid. These include large areas like Kho Nagorian and Prithviraj Nagar. After the rainy day, the water supply department has reduced the drawing of 200 MLD water from the tube wells and increased the arrival of water from Bisalpur.

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In newly developed colonies on Agra Road and Delhi Road, the water supply department has prepared to supply water with tankers. Regarding the supply of water, the officials of the water supply department have told that there is no possibility of a shortage of water in Bisalpur due to good rains during the monsoon season. It is being speculated that this may give relief to the residents in summer. The Bisalpur government has made a big decision regarding the supply of water this time, connections are being given by the Department of Water in Kho-Nagorian area. By 20 February, water supply will start, in addition to this another project worth Rs 57 crore is also going on in Kho Nagorian. In the coming 8 months, a big announcement has been made to give more water connections to one lakh people.

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There are currently 1500 tankers in 22 wards in the outskirts of the entire cities and this time around 600 tankers will be increased in summer, this city has a population of more than 6 lakhs. Last summer, due to lack of water in Bisalpur, supply in the city was disrupted. In addition, tube wells had also been dug to provide sufficient water to the people. So this time too, water will be supplied from tankers in those areas of the city, and where there is no drinking water line. There is a target of giving 1 lakh connections in Kho Nagorian by October, if the matter is, the number of tankers will be increased in many areas. Due to all these efforts, it is being speculated that this time Bisalpur will not have to face any problem regarding water.

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