Tipu Sultan's death anniversary today, know some important secrets related to his life
Tipu Sultan's death anniversary today, know some important secrets related to his life

New Delhi: Today is the death anniversary of Tipu Sultan, the king of Mysore, who died on this day in the year 1799. India has two types of assumptions about Tipu Sultan. One is the secular Jamaat, which describes Tipu Sultan as a great and patriotic king, who fought for the country against the British. On the other hand, right-wing people believe that Tipu was a very cruel king, who committed atrocities on the Hindus and non-Muslims of the country in the name of Islam. His motive behind fighting the British was not patriotism but his state, for which he also sought help from the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

In the midst of all this, to know the truth of Tipu, we have to look at the pen of one of his very close courtiers. Tipu's court historian Mir Hussain Kirmani, while mentioning about him at one place, wrote that 'Tipu Maratha, Nizam, King of Travancore, Coorg wanted to suppress everyone. For this he did not hesitate to be cruel. In 1788 Tipu Sultan sent a large army to Kerala. The famous Calicut city was destroyed. Hundreds of temples and churches were selectively demolished. Thousands of Hindus and Christians were forcibly converted to Islam. Those who did not obey were killed.

It is clear from the words of Hussain Kirmani that Tipu was a cruel ruler. For this reason, Maratha and other kings also supported the British in the fight against Tipu in 1799. After three weeks of heavy bombardment, the walls of Tipu's fort cracked. However, Tipu kept fighting. He was killed at the door of the Srirangapatnam fort with a sword in his hand. Tipu was undoubtedly a great warrior, but it would be wrong to say that a great king.

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