Tuition teacher beat 7-year-old with shoes, bites his fingers

Nov 19 2018 11:25 AM
Tuition teacher beat 7-year-old with shoes, bites his fingers

Aligarh: A tutor employed to teach all subjects to a seven-year-old boy was captured on camera frequently hitting him in the most savagely cruel manner. The CCTV footage has gone viral on social media and has been floating drastically.

The nearly six-minute long video shows how the teacher is thrashing the minor with his shoes before grabbing him by his hair and ears. He aggressively shows the most barbaric manner shaking him. He also makes use of a glass and a key-like object to further beat up the distressed child who keeps screaming in pain and horror all through.

    So Far all of this was not enough, the teacher after that takes the boy's fingers and seems to bite them then offers a glass of water and asks the boy to laugh.

The whole incident took place in a room where the door was close but the cruelty was captured on CCTV installed by the child's father who said that he had placed to camera to test it after taking it off from his workshop subsequently complains of several problems with the device.

"I am absolutely shocked at what this man did to my child," he stated news agency ANI. "I have a hardware workshop in the house and the sound of machines meant that no one could hear my son's cries," He was quoted by ANI.

The father of the boy added that he filed a police complaint straight away after discovering the footage of the cruelty. The accused teacher though is at present running away.

"The video has been recovered and a case has been registered and a team has been formed to catch the teacher," said Superintendent of Police (Crime) Ashutosh Dwivedi.

The case has been registered under IPC Section 307 (attempt to murder) in opposition to the teacher.



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