Ukraine files a fresh lawsuit against Russia

KIEV: Ukraine has filed a fresh action against Russia with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for Moscow's continued illegal invasion of Kiev, says Justice Minister Denys Malyuska.

The lawsuit targets "Russia's egregious human rights violations during the initial phase of the war, from the beginning of Russia's invasion in the early hours of February 24 until the effective withdrawal of its ground forces from around Kiev and other cities in northern Ukraine on April 7," according to a statement from the Justice Ministry, said Ukrayinska Pravda.

As per the statement, Ukraine is requesting financial compensation for these violations in addition to the Court's rulings mandating the restoration of the status quo and the complete departure of Russian forces. 

According to the Ministry, the damage was at least USD80 billion during the first phase of the Russian military invasion (February 24–April). "Ukraine's case seeks to put a halt to the widespread and egregious human rights violations caused by Russia's armed actions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement that read, "In due course, the Court will be invited to find that Russia has been guilty of the most flagrant, serious, and sustained violations of the Convention ever placed before the Court, and to award just satisfaction on an equally unprecedented scale."

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