Miscreants lynched Army officer's Phone, police investigating
Miscreants lynched Army officer's Phone, police investigating

Lucknow: Criminals are fearless in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow. This time criminals have targeted a relative of a state government minister. The criminals snatched the phone of the minister's relative and the officer in the Navy. The police have filed a case and started investigating the culprits. Yogendra Kumar, a resident of Vibhav section of Vibhuti Khand police station area of Lucknow, is an officer in the Navy. Late at around 9:00 pm, he was walking on the road and talking on the phone. The bike rider robbed his phone and escaped from there. The victim has given a complaint to the police.

The police reached the spot and started the investigation. Simultaneously, by filing a case, the police started investigating in the surrounding areas. According to Inspector Incharge Vibhuti Khand Ramesh Chand Pandey, resident of Vibhav Khand, Yogendra Kumar holds a large post in the Navy. After having dinner, he was walking around and the talking at around 9:00 pm. The bike riders took a swoop from behind and took away their phone. The accused escaped at a high speed.

Deputy Chief Minister of the state government is the close relative of the victim Yogendra Kumar. According to sources, Yogendra is the husband of Manvi Sharma, niece of Dr Dinesh Sharma. He lives with the family in the Vibhav section near the Kathauta lake. However, the police have not confirmed this. The same is now being investigated by the police, and the miscreants are constantly being searched.

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