Neighbour's servant rapes 6-year-old innocent in UP

Lucknow: Incidents of sexual violence against children in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur continue to rise. This time, the 6-year-old girl was made a victim of her lust by her neighbour's servant. As the child's condition worsened, she was sent to the hospital for treatment. Earlier, a case of misbehaviour with an 8-year-old child was reported.

The latest case has been reported from the Maharajpur police station area of the district. In a village here, the parents left their 6-year-old innocent daughter with their brother (the girl's uncle) and went to the relative's place. During the day, the girl was playing outside the house, in the meantime, the servant of the neighbour, Dhiraj, who lives next door, took her to the mango orchard, where he raped the girl.

The blood-soaked girl came home and told her uncle the whole thing. The parents were then called back from the city. The father lodged a complaint of rape at the Maharajpur police station. After which the police arrested the accused Dhiraj. The worrying thing for Kanpur is that for the past year, there have been frequent cases of sexual violence against innocent children and girls.

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