3 youths arrested for molesting woman on New Year

Lucknow: Three youths offer liquor to a woman going from Jalesar in Uttar Pradesh to Agra and then molested her. After that, the three young men escaped leaving the woman unconscious. Police has arrested the three accused. The incident took place at 4 pm on 31 December 2020, where preparations were being made to welcome 2021 all around. Three youths Gaurav, Yameen and Salman were conspiring to force a woman.

The case is in Asulabad area of Rasulpur police station in Firozabad, when a woman got drunk in the condition of unconsciousness on the service road, the police was shocked. Police station Rasulpur immediately brought the woman to the Government Trauma Center and was admitted there. After about 2 hours, when the woman came to her senses, she told you about how this incident happened with her. The woman was so scared that even after coming to her senses several times, she was becoming unconscious again and again.

The woman told that she was going from Jalesar to Agra when 3 young men talking to her in the hotel said that we will make you sit in the bus and took her to Gaurav's Dhaba. She was first forced to drink alcohol and then made her unconscious. Then took off her suit and wore her sari. The woman alleges that during this time her video has also been made. The SSP took this incident into consideration and the police also conducted a medical examination of the woman on 1 January. Taking immediate action on the complaint of the woman, the police have arrested the three youths who manipulated them.

Firozabad SSP Ajay Kumar Pandey said that the police station in Firozabad district is a case of Rasulpur area. A woman was found in an intoxicated state who was taken to the police for immediate treatment where she was admitted. After about 2 hours, she regained consciousness. She complains against the three youths. The three youths were arrested. It has also come to light that women knew before all three young men. The woman's statements have been recorded in the court, action will also be taken on the basis of that.

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