Watch: GM's Moon rover vehicle gets a closer look in CGI-powered video
Watch: GM's Moon rover vehicle gets a closer look in CGI-powered video

General Motors and Lockheed Martin have been working on a lunar vehicle that might be the primary mode of transportation for astronauts in the future. While both firms have previously shared some fascinating facts about the project and the product, the carmaker has now published a CGI-driven film that shows the lunar rover in operation.

The lunar rover is driven to the lunar surface by a lander before autonomously driving through the difficult terrain to greet astronauts, according to a clip posted on the General Motors Design Instagram feed. The folding chairs are also on show, and when needed, they open up to give more seating options for passengers.


The lunar rover has a simple design, which is likely due to the fact that vehicles on the Moon must be exceedingly light. This car, on the other hand, has some pretty noticeable wheels and a significant amount of ground clearance. It also has lights all around the place for greater illumination.

It's possible that the features on the lunar rover revealed in the most recent video are more suggestive than a definitive indication of how the collaborative effort is doing. This is due to the fact that the product previewed by both GM and Lockheed Martin when both confirmed plans to work on such a vehicle was significantly different.

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