Hyderabad: Water reserves are getting good flow after many years
Hyderabad: Water reserves are getting good flow after many years

We all know that rain has been occuring in Hyderabad and neighbouring areas over the past few weeks. So this continuous rainfall increases the water level in rivers, dams and etc. Especially the Himayat sagar edge is only one foot less to fill and the water is likely to be released down ward strea. The water level in the Himayat Sagar Reservoir was 1,762 feet on Monday afternoon, the full reservoir level was 1,763 feet and 1,666 cusecs received the flow.

The authorities are watching the water flow into the reservoir. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS & SB) Himayat sagar is constantly monitoring the water level. Officials said that heavy rains will occur in the next three days and the decision to release water will be taken based on the flow streams into the reservoir.

Similarly, there are constant currents in to the Singur reservoir. Nearly eight years later, the Singur Reservoir is getting a steady flow, bringing much enthusiasm among Hyderabadis and Singur residents. The water level in singur reservoir was recorded at 24.12 TMCF against 29 TMCFT FRL. The reservoirs are getting a steady flow and it is very useful for Hyderabad as THE HmWSSB officials have informed that there will be no drinking water problems next summer and beyond.

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