What is PFI and what is its purpose in India? Understand this in 7 points
What is PFI and what is its purpose in India? Understand this in 7 points

New Delhi: There have been constant major revelations about the anti-national designs of the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI). The 'Sir Tan Se Judaa' module has now revealed that the PFI was trying to poison the Muslim youth of Uttar Pradesh after Kerala and Telangana. This organization used to take funds from people in the name of social service for anti-national campaigns. The authorities have de-coded the interrogation of people related to the PFI into 7 points.

The interrogation of the arrested members of the PFI has made a big revelation about 'Mission Hindustan'. Through this revelation, the authorities have de-coded the mission of the PFI. It was the endeavour of these people to brainwash the youth through educational institutions. At the same time, this organization also used to do recruitment to spread radical ideas. According to the report, the PFI collects funds in the name of social work and uses it for anti-social and anti-national propaganda.

PFI plan to make Hindustan an Islamic nation:-

1- After Kerala-Telangana, now UP's Muslim youth are on target
2- Raising funds and spreading anti-national propaganda in the name of social work
3- Use of schools, colleges, and madrasas in Muslim-dominated areas to spread poison
4- Training Muslim youth to commit violence, stone pelting, etc. 
5- Recruiting for the spread of radical ideas
6- Dodging government agencies through different wings
7- Instigating SC/ST and OBC against Hindus 

Not only this, the many raids on the PFI sleeper cell by investigative agencies across the country show that the radical organisation has launched several wings to evade government agencies and spread its agenda. The PFI had formed several small organizations to escape from the clutches of government agencies. Through these small organizations, a large number of recruitment drives are being carried out in schools, colleges and madrasas located in Muslim-dominated areas. In many places, Muslim children are also being trained in violence in madrasas. These people are also being trained in stone pelting and karate.

It has also been revealed that the PFI imparts training to spread radicalism and violence in its meeting. From throwing stones to depositing stones on the roof of the house are taught in PFI meetings. At the same time, the PFI also trains people to gather in crowds, then incite people and spread riots. Interrogation has also revealed that more than 200 terrorists have been trained in south India. The purpose of PFI is to target the poor, beggars and oppressed Muslim youth. It also includes brainwashing these people by filling their minds with anti-Hindu poison. At the same time, PFI is also working on a plan to make India an Islamic nation by 2047, for this it is working on the policy of 'divide and rule' by inciting SC/ST and OBC against Hindus.

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