"Who will be my child's father's secret?" This famous actress made a shocking statement.

Famous Ghanaian actress Kisa Jibeckal has openly discussed her pregnancy for the first time. Before that, she has been publicly denying every time that she has a child. But now she has admitted due to a show that she is also the mother of a child. However, he refused to tell about his father.

Due to one of her interviews, Kisa Gibekel has revealed that her child is in the US. His interview has gone viral. She said that due to pregnancy, she went to america to meet her brother. Due to the pandemic, the lockdown was imposed and she could not return to Ghana to give birth to the child. Jibeckle said that being born in the US, her child became a U.S. citizen. When asked about the father of the child, Jibekal said it will remain a secret for the people.

The same Kisa Jibekal was also in the news for body surgery. It was being claimed that he had enhanced the body shape to attract rich men. However, due to the interview, he denied this. Jibeckel said he didn't do all this just to attract men. He said that after giving birth to the child, he did not feel good about his body. He underwent surgery so that he could get his old body. Jibeckle said she believed that her body was precious and that it was only for the big men with money. But she has understood everything about men. So they don't need men anymore. However, she also said that she is not a lesbian. So if anyone feels that she is now only interested in women, then they should remove the notion from their mind.  

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