Why do so many "god men" get embroiled in sex scandals?

Have you ever imagined that the Sadhu or saint you always looked up to, might being a criminal? Many of our religious protagonists have been caught by law for committing terrible crimes like rapes, child slaughter, murders and frauds.

From last few years we read news about Swamis arrested for raping women and minor girls. As soon as they are caught in this disgusting act they are termed as ‘Self-styled Godman’ or ‘Fake Baba’. These godmen prey upon the vulnerability of their followers, especially women.

"We Indians are great believers in miracles and feel that somebody can get us out of our miseries. This is the prime reason we fall for these godmen," an expert says.

So many incidents of rape or sexual assault by godmen happen because they deprive themselves of a natural sex life. Various Sadhus who were engaged in such type of activities got exposed, the crime is increasing day by day, and the 'fake gurus' are keep on taking benefit from people.

In 2013, jodhpur, Asaram renowned Hindu scholar accused of multiple rapes, Sai Narayan son of Asaram arrested for rape.

In 2010, Banglore, Swami Nityananda well known south Indian Hindu scholar caught with a actress and also accused of rape.

In 2013, Sehore, Mahendra Giri alias Tunnu Baba,65, arrested on charges of raping a 24-year-old woman.

Rajesh Shukla a Temple priest arrested for raping 5 years old girl in temple premises.

Recently, in Chitrakoot 'Parmanand Baba' was arrested for sexually assaulted over 100 women on the pretext of curing their ailment of not being able to conceive. The quack used to also record videos of them while taking advantage and blackmail them later on. Police learnt about it after such videos went viral on social media and launched a manhunt to nab him.

Why people can't able to see the realities of their 'Gurus'? As long as the "holy" men enjoy the blind faith of thousands of followers, it will always be easy for them to indulge in unholy practices.

It is true that all sadhu are not criminals, but what about those who are? Till the people people blindly follow their gurus, they will play with their values and the crime will keep on increasing.

Government need to take the serious action against the 'fake sadhus'. And the people need to believe on their 'hard work', not on that 'sadhus' and 'Gurus' for their growth, so if you believe in yourself than, no sadhu can play with your mind and weakness, that will eliminate the fake sadhus from the society.

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