Wife spots husband with another woman, beats him up in public

Aug 20 2019 08:00 PM
Wife spots husband with another woman, beats him up in public

A shocking incident emerged from Bilaspur. In this case, a married young man has found it costly to enjoy with his girlfriends by cheating his wife. Yes, as per the information received, as soon as the young man's wife came to know about it, she thrashed him with her relatives. After beating her husband, the young man was taken to the police station. "According to information received in the case, Pritam, a resident of Jashpur, whose father is in the police department and lying to his wife, had gone to Bilaspur with her female partner.

The young man's wife got the information about it and arrived at the hotel with her family. There, she beat up the husband and his girlfriend and handed them over to the police. According to information received in the case, Pritam, son of Jashpur custodian Birbal Bhagat, was married two years ago and everything was going well after the wedding, but before the wedding, Pritam had a love affair with another girl from Jashpur. , who was also known to his wife.

The wife was keeping an eye on everything from her husband Pritam. Pritam reached his house in Bilaspur on Sunday with an excuse and booked a room at a hotel in the Torva area to stay with his girlfriend. On the same day, after the girl reached Pritam, she switched her mobile to avoid family members. The police have now registered a case and initiated an inquiry into the woman's complaint.

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