Woman hatched fake gangrape plot, revealed truth in this way
Woman hatched fake gangrape plot, revealed truth in this way

Lucknow: A case has come to light in Amroha district of UP where a hospital Sankalika has created a fake gangrape story. The case was revealed when he himself confessed to the truth and told the whole story. In fact, a woman who runs a private hospital in Dagrauli in Amroha filed a complaint last Thursday alleging gang rape on six people.

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In a complaint to the police, she said that the accused had also hurt her private part. The woman had accused her partner Rishipal's father-in-law, Hakim Singh, Salee Tejvir, Salee Vishnu and Akhilesh, a resident of Shahpur Kala, at the hospital. The police then arrested the four named accused. But when the investigation started, the police suspected and when the medical report came, the case was revealed. After the poll was opened, the hospital's Sankalika confessed to the police and told the whole story. She said the syringe had taken blood out of her clothes to show the truth about the incident.

The police recorded the woman's statements before the court. When the truth came out, the police released the four arrested accused. She is said to have done all this because her hospital partner Rishipal was close and wanted to protect her from a trial. Hospital Sankalika is originally from Aligarh. Since her husband's death, she had been living with Devar and has a son. Devar is in jail in some case. Meanwhile, she came in contact with Rishikpal and the two opened the hospital together.

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