Female software engineer died in suspicious condition

Aug 08 2020 08:56 AM
Female software engineer died in suspicious condition

Kamareddy: Recently there has been big and shocking news. According to this news, the woman software engineer of Prem Marriage, Kamareddy, has died in a suspicious situation in Bengaluru. According to the information received, the parents of the deceased had left for Bangalore as soon as they got information about this incident. It is being told that the parents of the deceased are engaged in expressing doubt. They feel that their son-in-law has killed their daughter. In this case it is also being said that, 'Kamareddy's used to work as a software engineer.

Meanwhile, she fell in love with his classmate Rohit of the same city and both got married. After that, both of them started living in Bengaluru. Further information has also been received in this matter that after a few days of marriage, Rohit started drinking and beating her after drinking alcohol. She got fed up with her husband's torture and went to her parents' house.

A few days later, her husband Rohit Kamareddy reached there and told her not to torture the wife. He said this in front of elders and took the wife with him to Bengaluru three months ago. Meanwhile, suddenly Sharanya died and doubts are being expressed about her death. In this case Madhavi, the mother of the deceased, alleged that 'Rohit is the one who murdered his daughter and is trying to show it as suicide'.

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