The girl, who was standing at the bus stop, two masked miscreants came and...
The girl, who was standing at the bus stop, two masked miscreants came and...

The cases of crime that are coming up these days have become a surprise to all. The case, which has recently come to light, is from Madi in Una district of Himachal Pradesh where an attempt has been made to abduct a student who was waiting for a bus to go to school.

In this case, two masked youths riding bikes threw the first spray on the face of the 11th student, but the student started making noise by turning his face around. The accused then escaped from the spot, but soon after, the girl fainted. She has been admitted to the Civil Hospital Amb.

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The police were informed about the case, after which the police have started the investigation. According to the information received in the case, a class student, who was on the Maddy-Jawar contact road at around 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning, was waiting for a roadside bus just a short distance from the house and two bike riders approached him. On the other hand, he sprayed something on the girl's face, making her nervous and she turned her face. She then ran towards the house shouting and the bike rider fled.

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Hearing the girl's voice, the operator of a nearby educational institution approached her but by then the girl had fainted. He then told the girl's family and the family went there and immediately brought her to the civil hospital. Police are now seriously investigating the case.

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