Bodies of 350 elephants found in mysterious condition
Bodies of 350 elephants found in mysterious condition

The bodies of about 350 elephants have been found in Botswana, a country located in Africa, 2 months ago. Such mysterious deaths of elephants have shocked everyone. The bodies of the elephants have been found in areas around the northwestern parts of the African nation. No injury marks of any kind have been found on the dead bodies, so that they can be traced illegally. According to the information received, the anthrax poison is used to kill wildlife in this area of Botswana. Due to which many elephants become its prey. And the reason for his death is also not revealed yet.

Regional Wildlife Coordinator Dimakatso Natshebe, who lives the same, said he is currently waiting for the results to find out the exact cause of all elephant deaths. Let us tell you that one-third of the elephant population in Africa is on the land located in Botswana.

At the same time, Dr. Niall McCann of the UK charity National Park Rescue has feared that some people are constantly attacking the neurological system of elephants. Due to which the security of elephants is being threatened. And it is necessary to take strict action on these, and ban such deaths of elephants. Right now the whole country is affected by the terrible epidemic of Corona and in the meantime such an event puts the situation in further crisis. And it is important to control them, which is very important

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