12 people sacrificed 4-year-old child for treasure

Recently, a case of crime is reported from Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh, in which a human sacrifice has been given. In this case, 12 people have allegedly killed a 4-year-old child in want of 'treasure'.

According to the police, they have taken a total of 11 accused into custody in this case but one accused is still absconding. In this case, he told that everyone has confessed his crime. At the same time, the accused told the police about their exploits, "Two 'Tantriks' - Omkar and Bhagat had told them that the old treasure is hidden in the village." He was told that to get the treasure, he would have to sacrifice a child.

12 people made a plan to kidnap a child from the village. On the same day, 'Pooja' took place in Munna's field and later the child was killed and his corpse was cut into pieces. A day later, the child's father wrote a missing report to the police station.

According to the police, the child's father had heard from the villagers that his son was killed by some people after worship and the child was killed by six people. The remaining six kept watching everything, so they were also detained. Police have recovered the trident, a cloth on which the child was lying, from the scene and they say the child has been hit by a sharp tool.

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