55 thousand children kidnapped in the country in 2016, 30% increased since 2015
55 thousand children kidnapped in the country in 2016, 30% increased since 2015

The fear of children being kidnapped in different parts of the country cannot be called completely baseless. In view of the figures released by the Home Ministry, especially in the year 2016, according to which 55,000 children from India have been kidnapped in that year. This figure is 30 per cent higher than the figures from a year ago. In the year 2017-18, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, 54,723 children were abducted but only 40.4 per cent of cases were filed in the charge sheet.

In the year 2016, the rate of conviction proved to be 22.7 per cent in cases of child kidnapping. In the year 2015, 41,893 such cases were registered whereas in 2014 this number was 37,854. Figures for the year 2017 have not yet been presented. An official of the ministry said, "There were rumours about kidnapping a child on social media. Statistics show that the fear of child abduction, especially in rural areas, is not totally baseless."

On Thursday, the Home Ministry had asked states and Union Territories to ascertain the incidents in which after the rumours of kidnapping a child on social media, the crowd carried out the killing of the victim. In the past two months, more than 20 people have been beaten for suspected child theft. The recent incident took place in Dhule in Maharashtra on July 1, in which five people were killed in the name of being a thief. 

According to the report of the Home Ministry, in the year 2016, 8132 cases of human trafficking were registered in the country. 1.06 lakh cases of crime against children were also registered. These were 13.6% more than the year 2015.

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