When Satwant Singh emptied entire 30 gun bullets on Indira Gandhi
When Satwant Singh emptied entire 30 gun bullets on Indira Gandhi

New Delhi: Today January 6, 1989, at 6 am in Delhi's Tihar Jail, the murderers of former PM Indira Gandhi Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh were hanged. 4 years ago, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh were posted under the security of Indira Gandhi. Both of them had gunned down Indira Gandhi at her official residence on October 31, 1984. Kehar Singh was also involved in this conspiracy. Beant Singh was gunned down by other security personnel present on the spot at the same time.

On 30 October 1984, Indira Gandhi returned to Delhi after a campaign in Odisha. After coming to Delhi, Indira was advised not to meet people, but that day she was going to meet Peter Ustinov, an Irish documentary maker because Peter was making a documentary on her. For this Indira was going to interview Peter. The preparations for the interview were done at around 9 in the morning. After this Indira reached the gate connecting Safdarjung Road to Akbar Road, Where Constable Beant Singh of the Security Wing of Delhi Police was stationed and Satwant Singh was standing with him with an automatic carbine gun in his hands. As soon as Indira Gandhi reached there, she heard the sound of Namaste and in no time a gunshot erupted. Beant Singh fired at Indira with his service revolver. In the blink of an eye, Beant Singh dropped two more pills in Indira's stomach. After three bullets, Indira Gandhi fell to the ground. After this, Beant Singh shouted to Satwant Singh who was standing with him and said, 'What are you seeing, shoot the bullet.' On hearing this, Satwant emptied his entire carbine on the body of Indira and Sub Inspector Rameshwar Dayal, who came forward to save her. Satwant did not take his hand off the trigger for a long time. A total of 30 bullets were fired in the body of Indira. After firing, Beant Singh told the officers present there that 'we have done our work, Now you do your work.' But Indira's personal secretary RK Dhawan, who was present there, only thought of the ambulance. The head constable standing nearby ran to call the doctor. While waiting outside for the interview, Peter heard gunshots, but he remained there.

After this Indira was taken to AIIMS, where she died. On October 31, 1984, at around 2.15 pm, a medical bulletin was issued on the death of Indira Gandhi. After this Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as PM, soon after which anti-Sikh riots broke out in the country, in which thousands of Sikhs were brutally murdered. At the same time, when Beant Singh tried to run away after killing Indira, the security guards gunned him down. Subsequently, Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh (relatives of Beant Singh) and Balbir Singh (who was accused of hatching a gruesome conspiracy) were also arrested.

Subsequently, this high-profile case went to the High Court and also to the Supreme Court. On behalf of the defence, Ram Jethmalani, P.N. Lekhi and Veteran lawyers like R.S. Sodhi argued. Due to the arguments of these lawyers, the execution of the killers was pushed forward several times, even Balbir Singh was acquitted due to lack of evidence. Finally, on 6 January 1989, Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh, who was imprisoned in Delhi's Tihar Jail, were hanged.

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