"Indian Air force" attain the biggest milestone with strong efforts

Someone really said the truth that, “Some men are born to greatness. Others whittle their part to it”, which includes our Air Force officials, who died while fighting for the whole nation and placed themselves in everyone’s heart.  

The Indian Air force has not only occupied the skies but also our hearts, locally known as Bhartiya Vayu Sena, leading the universe with the Motto of “Nabhah Sparsham Deeptam” (नभः स्पृशं दीप्तम्) which translates as “Touch the Sky with Glory” that has been taken from the eleventh chapter of Bhagvad Gita, inspiring the IAF, in the same way as Lord Krishna’s words inspired Arjun during the Kurukshetra battle.

The fourth best operational air force in the world, organized in the year 1932, which takes care of securing the Indian airspace as well as when needed, it energetically participates in aerial warfare. Officially, Indian air force day is celebrated on 8th October every year since the day of its inception.

For the very first time, the fight of the Indian Air Force was not for India, but they fought for the allies, who were trying to stop the strong axis power. Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus and Operation Poomalai were the major operations that have been undertaken by the IAF. Since the time we got independence in 1947, the Indian Air Force have also been involved in four wars with neighbouring Pakistan and one with the People's Republic of China. Also, IAF played an important role in WWII by blocking the Japanese army in Burma. Along with this, there are some more things to know about an Indian Air Force:-

  • India is building the 5th generation Sukhoi PAK FA in collaboration with Russia.
  • IAF ZIS, the only Air Force in the world to carry out bombing missions using transposrt aircraft AN - 12s. IAF carried out the largest ever formation para drop in East Pakistan in 1971 Famous as "Tangale Drop." using Packets and AN 12 Aircraft
  • The IAF created a world record by performing the highest landing of a C-130J at the Daulat Beg Oldi airstrip in Ladakh at the height of 16614 feet (5065 meters).
  • Since 1933, the IAF Roundel has changed four times.
  • The first woman marshal of IAF was Padmavathy Bandopadhyay.

“It’s not easy to beat a person who never gives up”, the statement makes it clear that, the Indian Air Force is the strength of the whole nation and we are safe just because of the officials, who used to work for the whole day and night, it’s not only about the IAF, but it’s about the all ‘Jawans’ of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

                                              A Big salute to all the ‘Jawans’..!


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