A Land dispute turned into a brutal incident between mother and his sons

Apr 26 2019 01:15 PM
A Land dispute turned into a brutal incident between mother and his sons

New Delhi: In a recent bizarre incident, a fight over land turned brutal in the national capital after a man allegedly decided to murder his mother and brother. The incident took place in Bindapur which is situated in southwest Delhi. The accused was arrested by the police. To be noted that the accused was identified as Sunil Arora. The mother was identified as Lata Arora and the brother as Rajendra Arora.

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Here it is to be noted that the victim, Rajendra Arora allegeldy approached his neighours for help. However, before they could come to the rescue of the victim,  the accused allegedly came and threatened them with knives. The accused then dragged Arora and stabbed him. Allegedly, the locals informed two police men about the incident when they were patrolling the area. The accused was allegedly smoking a cigarette when he was caught. The two victims were taken to a hospital but the doctors declared them brought dead.

However it is worth mention here that according to the Times of India's report, the knife used by the accused to attack his brother broke. Then, he brought another knife from the kitchen and attacked him further. The accused and his brother were financially dependent on their mother. The two brothers allegedly used to fight over their mother's pension. The sale of the apartment that the family used to live in was a reason of constant differences between the two brothers. In a similar argument over the sale of the flat, the accused decided to kill his kin. The police are scanning the CCTV footage of the area and the statements of locals are also being recorded. Further investigation is underway.

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