A Singer-Rapper, Harmandeep Singh Reveals His Interests , Ambitions and Aspirations

Born in Patiala, India, and brought up in Canada, Harmandeep Singh is a singer and rapper who is presently 19-years-old. A kind-hearted and helping hand for the society and his fellow community members, he is a passionate individual. Singing through the hearts of his fans and loved ones, he is a budding personality in the field of music and singing. A talented and passionate artist, his work is a true reflection of his dreams and his achievements are the result of his immense hard work. Persistently working towards his goal, Harmandeep Singh is a ray of inspiration for all his contemporaries and those who wish to become like him.  

His interest lies in videography, photography, and music. His interests alone prove his multi-tasking personality and his numerous talents that enhance his identity. Committed towards his passion and interest, he is a hard-working individual who never gives up easily. His path of success and struggle has its share of highs and lows. Yet like any other warrior, his ambitions are the driving force for him to get going. By making the most of what life brings to his table, he has always aimed at thinking high and achieving higher! His sole source of inspiration is his life and that of the people surrounding him.

A humble person who loves to help those in need, he has always focused on giving others more than taking from them. It is this mantra that keeps reminding him to do his bit for society and be selfless. “To help someone selflessly is to please the Almighty selflessly!” are his words when he shares about his selfless nature and kind-hearted personality. Amidst all the negativity around and irregular life opportunities, Harmandeep Singh has never been disappointed by what life throws at him. Rather he believes in turning back, proving oneself, and showing one's capability to the world. When the whole world sleeps, his heart awakens the tunes in him. When the whole world ignores the beauty of nature, his heart captures the essence of life. And when people lead fast-paced lives, he shoots life in motion with mystery! Such is the exuberance of him!

While his interests are splendid, his goal is not any less! A singer and rapper by profession, Harmandeep Singh’s heart aims to own a restaurant one day. Perhaps his passion to serve people has taken a twist! It's his desire to feed people that he aspires to own a restaurant or a franchisee. Indeed his multi-faceted personality is unstoppable and incomparable! With so many ambitions and tones of energy in his heart, his life is a source of inspiration for millions who achieve so much at such a young age. Where people ponder over their career choices, he is focused on building his own empire where helping people and serving the community are the essentials. In love with life, his passion gets wings and space to fly high! One who loves to help other people loves to live life to its fullest!    

Connect With Harmandeep On Instagram - @deepharman.official

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