Abusive remark on Mayawati- Is a 'storm' or 'political agenda'?

There have been many leaders in the BJP whose offensive statements had put the party's top leadership on sticky wicket in the past and now in recent, BJP’s UP vice president Dayashankar Singh caused big embarrassment to the party by comparing BSP supremo Mayawati to a prostitute.

Singh said that Maya offers party ticket in lieu of money and is worst than sex workers who are more loyal to their customers.

“Mayawati is selling tickets like a prostitute. She gives tickets for Rs one crore and if there is someone who can give Rs 2 crore than she sells it for Rs 2 crore within an hour. If someone is ready to give Rs 3 crore by the evening, she gives the ticket to him. She is even worse than prostitute,” Singhs words to Mayawati.

After the comment of Dayashankar Singh there were hundreds of Mayawati's party workers filled the streets of Lucknow demanding the arrest of Dayashankar.

"People from weaker sections of society cutting across party lines respect me a lot, they treat me as a 'goddess' ... And if you say bad things about their goddess they will feel bad and are bound to protest," words of Mayawati after the protest.

Mayawati was among the opposition leaders who raised the incident forcefully in Parliament and accused the government of ignoring atrocities against Dalits.

Well, it will be the main point for BSP to target BJP on UP polls, as the party may get benefit to corner BJP in coming Uttar Pradesh assembly election.

This was not the first time when a leader in UP has let down the party with his irresponsible comment. From Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti to Yogi Adityanath and Sakshi Maharaj, there have been many leaders whose venomous speeches and offensive statements had put the party’s top leadership on sticky wicket.

Is it right to give such kinds of comments to any woman? As BJP’s UP vice president is giving such comments to BSP supremo, it’s a big issue. The problem is with men making these statements, or the main thing is that, the leaders should learn how to treat a women or another leader, how to respect her.


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