Amit Shah's big statement in DU, says university should not become an arena of ideological struggle

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that India's universities should not become arenas of ideological struggle. There should be work on the discussion here and it is through that the principles should be carried forward. Amit Shah said this while delivering his views on 'Revisiting the Ideas of India from Swaraj to Navbharat', a seminar organised at Delhi University.

The Home Minister said that the word self has a lot of importance in our vision of Swaraj. Raj means bringer of order, it does not mean rule. Those who explained Swaraj reduced the importance of the word self and made Raj broader. The interpretation of Swaraj is not limited to the system of governance. He further said that Swadharma and our culture automatically come in the interpretation of Swaraj. The highest ideal of ​​the country comes first in the interpretation of Swaraj.

Amit Shah said that the whole idea of Swaraj is the idea of a new India. Amit Shah said that if we look at India as a geopolitical country, we will never understand it. India is not a treaty country. India is not a country made up of the outcome of a war. India is not a country made up of a resolution. India is a geo-cultural country. Unless and until we understand this, we will not be able to understand the structure of India.  

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