The Girl could not accept that her Boyfriend ditched her, stabbed to death!

Aug 20 2019 03:00 PM
The Girl could not accept that her Boyfriend ditched her, stabbed to death!

Nowadays crime cases are on the rise. The case that has come up recently is from Guwahati. In Assam, a girl who was cheated in love in Nagaon has stabbed her boyfriend in the past Monday. The young man was killed in the incident. The case is being referred to the Bauisi Banikta Kakati (BBK) College at Nagaon in Barpeta district. According to reports, the police said that the girl is accused of murder has been identified as Runu Ahmed and is a first-year student of BBK College.

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According to information received in the case, some people who knew Runu said that she was in a "relationship" with Mohidul Islam and he married another girl three days ago. In this case, it is now estimated that Runu could not bear the infidelity of her lover and murdered Mohidul. Talking further in the case, the police said that Runu called Mohidul to the college to meet him on Monday and he reached with a friend.

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After that, the three had a brief conversation and Runu told Mohidul's friend that "there is something to do privately, so he should get out of here." The friend then left and as soon as he went, Runu pulled out a knife from her bag and stabbed him in the stomach and fled. The people standing there immediately took Mohidul to the hospital but he could not be alive.

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