Balancing two professions comes naturally to me, says model and artist Peter Shoukry

Balancing multiple jobs or professions can be an arduous task. While it can be challenging it isn't uncommon in the art world. With creativity comes a lot of passion, and many artists find themselves balancing more than one career in pursuit of expression. Very few people know this better than model and renowned artist Peter Shoukry. With an exotic look and exceptional talent for art, Peter has been making a name for himself in both worlds. 

Born in Giza, Egypt Peter moved to Los Angeles, CA, at the age of 10 with his family after being awarded green cards in the lottery. While it wasn't an easy journey, it was one his family was grateful for. At the time they didn't see a future as Coptic Christians in an area known for persecution. One could say that Peter knew how to interpret strife from a very young age. 

Peter never knew of his artistic talent until a teacher took an interest in his work during his freshman year of high school. After impressing the class with an abstract take on a pair of scissors, his teacher continued to develop him into an emerging artist. Since his amateur beginnings in school, Peter has been featured in galleries and museums around the world including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. His work has captured the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide. Many of his masterpieces have been sold to private collectors. His work is reminiscent of Dali yet has a unique twist all his own. Peter states, "With every painting, I try to make that line between reality and imagination thinner until I have no idea what's real anymore."

By why stop there? In 2012 Peter was approached by Slater Modeling Management but eventually moved to Envy. Alongside his successful career as an artist, Peter has modeled in over 50 runway shows including shows for New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and San Francisco. He has been the face for high-end brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and Ralph Lauren. While modeling found him, he pursues it with the same dedication and passion as his art. 

"Balancing both careers feels natural because modeling is about the performance arts and painting is visual," explains Peter. "I love how I can reflect on my artistry in both roles to bring more depth to what I do." Peter is a dynamic individual. He brings the fire of inspiration to every piece of his work, whether it be a print ad, runway show, or gallery exhibition. Multi-faceted, intelligent, and inspiring Peter has seamlessly played both the artist and the model for the better part of a decade. Whether it be through his look or his creations, Peter is sure to continue to capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

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